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General Information

At EcoFusion Pest Management we provide complete, full service pest control related solutions. Our team of qualified, efficient technicians possess the capability of fixing any pest related problem within the town of Little Falls NJ, 07424. At EcoFusion, we provide FREE on-site estimates for the vast majority of our services. Recurring pest related predicament? Explore our affordable yearly pest management programs.

Ant related Pest Control and Extermination

If you experience or notice any form of ant infestation including, but not limited to Carpenter Ants, Flying Ants, Pavement Ants, and Little Black Ants, contact EcoFusion Pest Management immediately. We will transport a qualified technician to your exact location, guaranteeing the complete elimination of any unwanted pests.

Termite related Pest Control and Extermination

Our professional, licensed team of technicians have tremendous experience with regards to Termite Prevention and Termite Control. “Wood” you like to keep your home structurally sound? Eastern Subterranean Termites are an insect possessing wood destroying capabilities, generally located in the northeastern region of the United States. Termites fulfill an important role within earth’s eco system through speeding up the natural process of deterioration, transforming dead wood into new soil, amongst other things. Unfortunately, termites cannot distinguish between a stump in one’s yard and the wood in one’s home. At EcoFusion Pest Management, we specialize in the complete prevention and active management of Termites.

Stink Bug related Pest Control and Extermination

Complete Stink Bug prevention and removal through specialized techniques. Although harmful agricultural pests, Stink Bugs are completely harmless to humans. The primary issue regarding Stink Bugs pertains to the fact that they invade one’s home in large quantities, becoming extremely aggravating and practically impossible to maintain. EcoFusion Pest Management provides preventative Stink Bug services, completely eliminating Stink Bug activity.

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Mouse related Pest Control and Extermination

Generally, Mice tend to navigate indoors in search of nourishment. Additionally, Mice tend to journey indoors during winter months in search of warmth. Mice possess collapsible bodies, therefore they possess the capability of elusively entering establishments via minuscule cracks. At EcoFusion Pest Management, our competent, experienced technicians specialize in the thorough eradication of any mouse related infestation.

Stinging Insect related Pest Control and Extermination

At EcoFusion Pest Management our team of qualified technicians offer various Wasp prevention programs that prevent paper wasps from constructing nests against homes, decks, swing sets, storage sheds, and so on. Via the prevention of nest establishment, the presence of Wasps will greatly reduce. EcoFusion’s Wasp Prevention treatment impedes additional nest development for approximately six months.

Carpenter Bee related Pest Control and Extermination

Aside from producing infestation, Carpenter Bees generate hideous stains, occasionally leaving the exterior of an unfortunate victim’s home completely destroyed. EcoFusion’s licensed, knowledgeable technicians provide Carpenter Bee removal services that completely eradicate active Carpenter Bee infestations in addition to ensuring any form of reemergence.

Bed Bug related Pest Control and Extermination

Bed Bugs originated in caves sucking blood from bats… yuck! Bed Bugs generally nest within the tiniest possible locations including different variations of cracks and crevices. Carbon dioxide attracts Bed Bugs, therefore once one fall’s asleep, said insects commence there invasion. Once a Bed Bug reaches human flesh, they utilize their antennas to detect heat, locating the optimal position to absorb blood. Bed Bugs administer anesthetics and anticoagulants, keeping victims sound asleep throughout a feeding process. Severe infestations can lead to over 500 bites within one night. Bedbugs consume practically three times their body weight and lay approximately 500 eggs within their life time. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, please contact EcoFusion Pest Management immediately.


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