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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's actually a termite swarm. Termite swarms occur when the colony needs to expand, most people confuse these with an ant swarm. If you see a swarm happen make sure to collect either the wings or the whole insect for a pest control technician to inspect. At EcoFusion pest control we offer programs to get rid of your termite issue. From baiting systems set around the perimeter of your home to your conventional chemical treatment EcoFusion pest control does it all.

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At EcoFusion pest control we will come out to inspect your home. We will look at every aspect of the home and property. We will work our way from the bottom up checking for any signs of wood destroying insects. Termites cause more damage to homes in the United States than fires and storms combined, yet termite damage is not covered by homeowner policies. That's why requesting a termite inspection is so important.

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Our Advanced termite baiting system takes a new approach to control termites. After placing termite bait stations in key places around your home EcoFusion monitors these stations for termite activity. Termites feed on the bait causing more termites to follow. The bait has an active ingredient which kills the colony. After the colony is exterminated baits are left in for year round monitoring. Liquid treatments exist as well. This program offers a full liquid treatment around the perimeter of the home. Liquid treatment is also followed up with targeted interior treatment within the home or garage.

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