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You work hard to make your business a success, but a pest infestation will threaten many aspects of that business. EcoFusion provides commercial pest control to businesses in a wide variety of industries all over Tri-State Area . Our friendly pest professionals will eliminate pest threats to help your business thrive.

Our company officers, our management team and our pest control technicians are fully committed to providing the best service possible.

All of our pest control technicians are State Certified and licensed and are regularly and continuously trained and re-trained in the most innovative and efficient pest control techniques.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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we are trained in Integrated Pest Management techniques designed specifically for schools. We understand the need to keep students safe and healthy, and we take that commitment seriously.


When pests get into your restaurant, they can cause a shutdown. We design our programs to go above and beyond state regulations so that you can earn an ‘A’ grade and remain successful.


When pests infest your healthcare facility, the solution calls for a sensitive approach with patient safety as the main priority. We will ensure the best service to help your facility stay within regulations


Whether you’re in charge of apartments or office space, managing pests can be difficult with so many people involved. Let EcoFusion stop the struggle with our Integrated Pest Management techniques.


We offers a variety of customized programs for your public lodging facility to eliminate even the toughest pest problems, and keep it pest-free and safe for your guests.


When pests get into your warehouse setting, they can ruin stock and disrupt business, costing you time and money. EcoFusion Pest Services has the skills necessary to eliminate pest problems and protect your business.

Our Happy Clients!

This is by far one of the most economical and professional small businesses I’ve seen in a long time! They treated my flea outbreak and I didn’t see any activity till a few days ago.


Reed Yurman

Thank you CJ for getting rid of my bed bugs! I’m very happy with the service.


Samira Letterboom

Amazing service! I was under contract with a company that was recommended and to be the best in my area…but what I got was decent service, and hidden charges.


Jed De Los Santos

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